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21 January 2017
Legal Briefs
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10 Jan 2017
The Positive Impacts Of Good Judiciary On The Society
The judiciary system of every country is a complex system comprising of judges, lawyers, enforcement officers, courts of different levels and other related things. Law colleges and law firms in...
06 Dec 2016
‘Sick note’ relief for subordinated loans
Employees are entitled to sick leave when a sick note has been issued. Similarly, in terms of recent tax amendments, a company with a subordinated loan may avoid the constricting implications of...
30 Nov 2016
Awards for damages and compensation in terms of the Employment Equity Act
In the recent case of Smith v Kit Kat Group (Pty) Ltd [2016] ZALCJHB 362, the Labour Court dealt with the appropriate relief in circumstances where an employee had been unfairly discriminated...
29 Nov 2016
Introducing the National Minimum Wage
Recently, the proposed introduction of a national minimum wage has gained momentum as a means of closing the current wage gap in the country and decreasing the rate of poverty. In August 2016,...
24 Nov 2016
Prophylactic Law vs. Prophylactic Medicine: are they really in conflict?
“For Africa to move forward, you really got to get rid of malaria” – Bill Gates The words PROPHYLAXIS and PROPHYLACTIC are derived from the 16th century French word “prophylactique”, from the Greek...
21 Nov 2016
Free access to SA legislation for small law firms
Via their South African National Legislation service (NetLaw), Sabinet provides users with instant online access to SA Legislation. This service is free to small law firms with three or less...
18 Nov 2016
How to play the game of social media brand dodge ball
It’s a familiar scene, two players enter the arena. One armed with a red ball, the other seemingly defenceless. But unlike a normal game of dodge ball, more players quickly enter the ring, each...
Some Rights of Franchisees and What They Mean for Franchisors
Franchises rely heavily on the strength of brands for their success and it is therefore not surprising that franchisors typically prefer to control their franchises quite tightly, as any blunder by...
Legal Briefs
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