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27 Mar 2015
How to marry a politician and survive
How to Marry a Politician and Survive is a tongue in cheek look at South African politicians, a celebration of quirky moments, a guide for those who want a wedding with hand-made menus that cost...
25 Mar 2015
Eskom targeting 975 MW in savings as it restarts DSM schemes
State-owned power utility Eskom, which halted its demand-side management (DSM) interventions last year owing to funding uncertainties, reports that some of the programmes will be restarted this...
20 Mar 2015
Speaking Truth to Power: The story of the Aids Law Project
Speaking Truth to Power is about the resurgence of activism in post-apartheid South Africa. A small legal NGO in Johannesburg, the AIDS Law Project (ALP), along with its allies in the Treatment...
19 Mar 2015
Recovering Democracy in South Africa
In Recovering Democracy in South Africa, Raymond Suttner brings together the best of his recent writings and essays; he offers a fresh look at the wide range of contentious issues that currently...
06 Mar 2015
Suttner's View: Have upheavals in parliament heightened political awareness?
In this episode of Suttner's View, researcher and analyst Professor Raymond Suttner speaks about upheavals in parliament possibly heightening political awareness.
Rights of foreign migrants and SA freedom
Researcher and analyst Professor Raymond Suttner speaks to Polity's Shannon de Ryhove about the rights of foreign migrants in South Africa. Click here to read the column.
05 Mar 2015
The Class of '79: Three students who risked their lives to destroy Apartheid
When did this story begin?... It began when three Rhodes University students realised that what was happening in South Africa’s so-called ‘separate development’ was wrong. And that they simply...
02 Mar 2015
President Zuma ignores increasing violent crime in his state of the nation address
The state of the nation speech is an opportunity for the sitting president of South Africa to build confidence in the government and rally collective action to address key challenges. When it comes...
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