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1 September 2014
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01 Sep 2014
Peace and Security Council Report No 61 (August 2014)
Peace and Security

The Peace and Security Council (PSC) has an important role to play in supporting talks on the situation in Mali taking place in Algiers. The conclusion...

29 Aug 2014
The African court for justice and human rights: Protecting Africans, or just Africa’s leaders? (August 2014)

The African Union’s (AU) new judicial organ, the African Court for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR), is envisaged to be a tool to address pressing...

All parties to the conflict must put an end to ongoing human rights violations (August 2014)

Two and a half years following the start of the crisis in Mali, in January 2012, which led to the intervention of the French army one year later, the...

28 Aug 2014
South Africa and China: The making of a partnership (August 2014)

South Africa–China relations are developing at a steady pace, from the onset of formal diplomatic ties in 1998 to the multi-faceted partnership we...

27 Aug 2014
Cleaning human waste: 'Manual scavenging', caste and discrimination (August 2014) in India

This 96-page Human Rights Watch report documents the coercive nature of manual scavenging. Across...

Reducing poverty in Africa: Realistic targets for the post-2015 MDGs and Agenda 2063 (August 2014)

The eradication of extreme poverty is a key component of the post-2015 MDG process and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. This paper uses the...

26 Aug 2014
Promoting effective enforcement of the prohibition against corporal punishment in South African schools (August 2014)

South Africa can boast that it was the second country on the African continent (after Namibia) to ban corporal punishment when it passed the South...

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