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24 April 2014
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24 Apr 2014
'We stood, they opened fire': Killings and arrests by Sudan’s security forces during the September protests (April 2014)

In the last week of September 2013, a wave of popular protests broke out in Wad Madani, Khartoum, Omdurman, and other towns across Sudan after President...

Updated 2 hours 10 minutes ago
Taxes, the budget and the family (April 2014)

Families are the fundamental building block of society. Social cohesion and stability are founded upon healthy, functional families. The nurturing and...

Updated 5 hours ago
23 Apr 2014
SA Election 2014: Sticks & Stones – Political intolerance, violence & intimidation (April 2014)

During the build-up to the 2014 election there have been at least four incidents of political
intimidation that were widely publicised in the...

People's perspectives of organised crime in West Africa and the Sahel (April 2014)

This study assesses community perceptions about illicit trafficking and organised crime in West Africa and the Sahel. Focus groups were conducted in...

Labour legislation and social relations (April 2014)

In May 1891, Pope Leo XIII released his momentous encyclical Rerum Novarum, addressing the conditions of work during the industrialisation of the world,...

22 Apr 2014
New political parties and coalitions (April 2014)

South Africa held its first democratic elections in 1994, and 20 years later we are approaching another general election. In two decades South Africa...

Working for the many: Public services fight inequality (April 2014)
Public services

Public services like health and education are one of the strongest weapons in the fight against...

17 Apr 2014
A Dangerous Diversion: Will the IFC’s flagship health public–private partnership bankrupt Lesotho’s Ministry of Health? (April 2014)

The Lesotho health public–private partnership (PPP) has been described as opening a new era for private sector involvement in healthcare in...

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