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21 October 2014
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20 Oct 2014
South African Crime Quarterly 49 (October 2014)

The articles in this edition of SACQ reveal the extent to which the promise of the democratisation of rural South Africa in the 1990s has turned to...

Why care about faith? (October 2014)

The Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith (2012-2014) has collected a series of essays, highlighting the practical aspect of faith and how to...

17 Oct 2014
Global principles for countering corruption (October 2014)

The PACI Principles for Countering Bribery were formulated in 2004 by a core group of chief executives from the World Economic Forum’s Industry...

The 2014 PACSA Food Price Barometer (October 2014)

The 2014 PACSA Food Price Barometer shows that a basket of 32 foods which form the basic foods in the shopping trolleys of poor working class...

16 Oct 2014
Africa Energy Outlook (October 2014)

Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector can be improved to unlock a better life for its citizens. This report describes one of the most poorly...

Political parties in Africa through a gender lens (October 2014)

One of the persistent democratic deficits throughout the world is women’s lack of influence in politics. In relation to political parties in...

15 Oct 2014
Confronting crime networks in Dakar (October 2014)

Organised crime is increasing in Dakar, Senegal, involving drug trafficking, illicit pharmaceutical products and cybercrime. The implications for urban...

Politics meets policies: The emergence of programmatic political parties (October 2014)

Politicians tied to a set of policies provide people with actual choices. They attract like-minded activists, campaign in more focused ways, and build...

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