Commission of inquiry into the incidents that led to
the violence in the former Bophuthatswana on 11 March 1994,
and the deaths that occurred as a result thereof.

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Map and Description Of Certain Areas In Bophuthatswana

Part One Introduction
A. Introduction
B. The Commission
C. The Legal Principles

Part Two The Background
A. The Background In Summary
B. The Background In Detail:
     First Section
     Second Section

Part Three: The Deaths In The Mmabatho / Mafikeng Area
1. Names Of "Deceased" Duplicated Or Similar To Another Deceased
2. Deceased Non-Existent
3. Deaths Not Related To Violence
4. Identity Of Deceased Not Established
5. Deceased Found To Be Alive
6. Circumstances Of Death Not Established
7. Findings Of Remaining Deaths

Part Four: Detailed Report on The deaths in the The Mmabatho/Mafikeng Area
1.Duplicate Or Similar Names
2. Non-Existent Persons
3. Deaths Not Related To The Violence
4. Inability To Identify Deceased
5. Persons Reported Dead, Who Are Still Alive
6. Circumstances Of Death Not Established
7. Remaining Deaths:
     Cases 4 to 15
     Cases 17 to 58

Part Five: The Background To the Deaths In Those Areas of the Former Bophuthatswana other Than The Mmabatho/Mafikeng Area

Part Six: The Deaths That Occurred In The Areas Of The Former Bophuthatswana Other Than The Mmabatho/Mafikeng Area
2.Identity Of Deceased Not Established
3.Deceased Identified Although Severely Burnt
4.Remaining Deaths:
     Cases B1 to B24
     Cases B25 to B49
5.Matters Finalised By A Court Of Law

Part Seven: Findings And Recommendations
1. Introduction
2. President Mangope And His Government
3. The Former South African Government And The Transitional Executive Council
4. The Afrikaner Volksfront And General Constand Viljoen
5. The African National Congress
6. The Bophuthatswana Police Force
7. The Bophuthatswana Defence Force
8. The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging
9. The South African Police
10. The South African Defence Force
11. Conclusion

Part Eight: Sundries
1. Compensation
2. Amnesty International
3. Appreciation


A List of Deceased Who Allegedly Died In The Uprising Of 11 March 1994 At Mmabatho/Mafikeng
B List Of Deceased Who Allegedly Died In The Uprising Of 11 March 1994 In The Areas Outside Mmabatho/ Mafikeng
C List Of Deceased Whose Deaths Falls Outside The Commission's Terms Of Reference
D The Sources
E Chronology