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28 May 2017
ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu
ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu
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It is very important to note the pronouncement by comrade Jackson Mthembu on party funds are welcomed by the PAC. We demand the equitable redistribution from parliament because when we go to polls we all pay the same registration fees without the so-called minority parties paying less. The money is supposed to be redistributed equitably so as to ensure fair & free elections, That is the only way to strengthen democracy which is too immature in our country.

It is public knowledge that the PAC have been behind My Vote Count lobby group in trying to address corruption and unfair elections. We have participated in all democratic elections since 1994 and we are proud to say that we have always refused funds from foreign governments as well as private entities because e have always wanted to be sovereign & opinionated.

We are very worried about the timing of ANC's proposal to create an ad hoc committee to look at the party funding model, it is very suspicious but will obviously curb corruption by many political parties. We know that the ANC & the DA have been against the move to make the private funding process open and transparent.

We are however very content that this move will expose dirty deals made with thug-politicians in London, Washington, Qatar etc. Many political parties formed in the post-1994 as well as NGOs are safeguarding foreign interests. We must know who funds Hellen Suzman Foundation et al.

We know that the DA was silent during Marikana Massacre, this was raising obvious suspicions that the DA was the beneficiary of London Mines, otherwise knowns as LonMin. This move will expose why certain parties advance certain party line and ultimately expose unholy dealings of these funders. We support the move even if we are worried about the timing.


Issued by PAC

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