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28 April 2017
Article by: Creamer Media Reporter
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The 2010 NGC took a resolution on the role of the state in the economy. This resolution is more encompassing than the matter of nationalisation of the mines. It is this principled viewpoint that informed delegates to instruct the NEC to carry out an in‐depth study on how best to leverage our mineral wealth (and other natural resources) to achieve our key strategic goal of placing our economy on to a new job‐creating and more equitable growth path, in the context of the Polokwane National Congress resolution on creating a democratic developmental state that “…must ensure that our national resource endowments, including land, water, minerals and marine resources are exploited to effectively maximise the growth, development and employment potential embedded in such national assets, and not purely for profit maximization.” 1 This study would enable the ANC to present a scientifically researched overview of our minerals sector in particular, as well as international case studies so that any decision taken is based on an understanding of the real issues. While the resolution further directs the ANC to look at other sectors, including the energy and financial
sectors, the present research project should focus on the minerals sector.

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Published by the African National Congress

Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter
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