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26 May 2017
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On Monday November 12, 2012 in Bloemfontein the Supreme Court of Appeal will
hear an appeal by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and COPE's President Mosiuoa
Lekota to challenge the validity of Government's decision to refuse an entry
visa to the Dalai Lama for a second time in a row. Government's lawyers had
argued in their papers that the refusal to grant a visa is justified by our
government's intention not to displease the Chinese government. The Dalai
Lama has been granted honorary citizenship by Canada and the United States,
has the freedom of the city of most world capitals, has received medals of
honour and the highest national awards from most world democracies and is a
Nobel Peace Laureate.  He is welcome in each and every country of the world,
except China and South Africa.  A recent poll showed that 89% of the South
African people consulted indicated that they would welcome the Dalai Lama in
South Africa.  He is a long-time friend of President Mandela, Archbishop
Tutu, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and FW De Klerk.  Government's position
before the highest court in our land shows Government's content for the
values of democracy, the will of the people and all that which is sacred,
good and noble in our country.  What government lawyers have pleaded in
their papers before the court may represent the views of the ruling elite
but surely not the view of the South African people and this questions the
extent to which in this instance the South African Government is a
representative of the South African people or of its Chinese friends and
allies.  Because of its absurdity, the Dalai Lama case brings to the fore
the extent to which our ruling class is beheld to the Chinese government.
The court hearing will begin in Bloemfontein at 9: 30 am on November 12,

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