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28 May 2017
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On behalf of the Democratic Alliance, I extend sincere condolences on the death of Harry Schwarz to his widow Annette and their three sons, Jonathan, Allan and Michael.

Harry Schwarz will be remembered for his signal contribution to the development of our democracy. His piercing intellect, and long professional experience in banking, made him the most astute analyst in Parliament on economic and financial matters during his terms in office.

He had strong leadership qualities and could inspire people to great achievements. He was an outstanding debater, both inside and outside Parliament. He could stand his ground against all-comers.

His principled and steadfast resistance to racial nationalism was rooted in the key role he played in fighting Nazism during World War 2. He continued his resistance to racial nationalism through his long and distinguished career in South African opposition politics.

He has engraved his place in South Africa's political history. We will always remember him.



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