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The necessity of reducing licensing agreements to writing

12th December 2016 In terms of South African law, there is no obligation to have a trade mark licence agreement reduced to writing. There are, however, many practical advantages to doing so, particularly when it comes to setting out the parameters of the licensee’s use of the licensor’s trademarks insofar as... 

Keeping up with overwhelming compliance changes

28th November 2016 The level of demand on today’s compliance officer is higher and more pressurised than ever before. With new laws and frequent changes to existing legislation and regulations, it can be extremely overwhelming for companies to ensure compliance in South Africa’s highly regulated legislative... 

Are your suppliers’ friends or foes?

22nd November 2016 In a perfect world, the relationship between client and supplier should fundamentally be based on mutual trust. Legally speaking, the relationship is formally guided by King III and protected by legislation such as the Public Finance Management Act, specifically Section 16A, which compels... 

Legal research has never been quicker and easier

16th November 2016 Legal research is a most time consuming process. Traditionally, it can take hours for legal professionals to sift through conventional law reports and their indices to determine the precedential strengths and weaknesses of cases referenced in an argument. However, with the use of good research... 

Law plays critical role in advancing public health

11th November 2016 HIV is a daily reality for over 6 million South Africans, therefore, law professionals can – and must – play an active role in the fight against the epidemic by advising those that are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. This is according to respected law, public health and human rights... 

Double trouble: Consulting for a fair retrenchment

10th November 2016 Most employers and employees have a broad understanding that the fairness of a dismissal rests on both a substantive and a procedural leg. On the one hand, substantive unfairness, in broad strokes, suggests that an employee who should not have been dismissed, had been dismissed. 
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