Unemployment insurance amendment act (No. 32 of 2003)

1st January 2003

To amend  the  Unemployment  Insurance  Act, 2001, so as to  define  certain expressions  and  to  amend  or  delete  certain  definitions;  to  exclude  persons  who receive  a  State  pension  from  the  application of the  Act;  to  provide  anew  for  the compilation  and  filing of a  business  plan;  to  extend  the  right  to  benefits  to  domestic workers who are  employed by more  than  one  employer;  to  extend  the  right  to unemployment  benefits  to a domestic  worker  whose  contract of employment  is terminated by the  death of his or  her  employer; to adjust  the  benefits  payable  to contributors  in  respect of illness,  maternity  and  adoption;  to  provide  for  the establishment of regional  appeals  committees;  and to provide  anew  for  the  settling of disputes  relating  to  payment  or  non-payment of benefits; and to  provide  for matters  connected  therewith.