UJ implements mandatory vaccination

3rd December 2021 By: Sashnee Moodley - Deputy Editor Polity and Multimedia

UJ implements mandatory vaccination

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) announced on Friday its decision to institute mandatory vaccination at all its campuses and facilities from January 2022.

It will consider religious and medical exemptions but stressed that collective rights will take precedence as per Section 36 of the Constitution.

All staff, students and postdoctoral research fellows – as well as visitors, contractors and other stakeholders – will have to show proof of partial or full vaccination before entering any campus or facility.

“This outcome will ensure that the University’s staff, postdoctoral research fellows, and students have optimal access to the University’s precincts for purposes of working, learning, research, laboratory, and clinical work whilst protecting the health and safety of the University community and its stakeholders. The need for optimal access to the campuses and facilities has become crucial in part because of the socioeconomic circumstances of the University’s students. Additionally, some learning programmes require in-person engagement for research and experiential learning,” the university said.