The first phase of the Rea Vaya bus rapid transit system

6th August 2009

France has one. Colombia has. Even Australia has one. BRT systems are seen as a fresh answer to increasing inner-city congestion and pollution. Now the people of Johannesburg will have the opportunity to step into their own, home-grown BRT system on August 30. Much has been said and written about the system - but what makes it different than other forms of public transport? When using a taxi for example, commuters often have to wait for it to fill up before they can depart. Taxi drivers are also paid in relation to the number of trips they can manage in one day, often leading to speeding. The metrobus system can easily become stuck in the same traffic jams that slow down private cars. Will the BRT system just be more of the same, especially if it is to be operated by former minibus taxi drviers? City of Johannesburg member of the mayoral committee for transport, Rehana Moosajee, says this will most certainly not be the case.