Tax amendments warning

24th February 2020

Tax amendments warning

Just be careful that you do not buy a rendition of a tax Act, based not upon the 2019 Acts but the 2019 Bills … it might end your career”, warns author and tax professional, Costa Divaris who has identified at least 40 differences between the annual amending bills approved by Parliament and the Acts promulgated on 15 January 2020*.

Up-to-date information in the latest Tax Annuals from LexisNexis

LexisNexis have just released their latest tax annuals based on the Acts published on 15 January 2020. Published annually, these best-in-class volumes provide tax professionals with a comprehensive and trustworthy guide to legislative updates for the current tax year and include the full text of the pending amendments in grey shaded text directly after the current corresponding provision in the Acts.

What’s on offer this year?

Updated annually, the newly released titles include legislative works and practical guides.

Legislative works: (Incorporating latest legislative amendments and pending amendments.)

Professional Tax Handbook 2019/2020. This comprehensive two-volume handbook provides an accessible record of tax legislation for the current tax year and includes Income Tax, VAT, Tax Administration, Estate and Transfer Duty Acts and regulations, interpretation notes, practice notes and rulings. To purchase from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.

Income Tax Legislation 2020 is a concise reference, which includes the consolidated Income Tax and Tax Administration Acts. To purchase from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.

Indirect Tax Handbook 2019/2020 includes the consolidated Acts, related regulations, interpretation and practice notes on indirect tax legislation, including VAT, transfer duty, skills development levies, unemployment insurance contributions and tax administration. Diamond export levy, securities transfer tax, mineral and petroleum resources royalty are also addressed. To purchase from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.

Silke Tax Yearbook 2019/2020 provides a compact and readily accessible presentation of the tax law pertaining to the 2019/2020 tax year. It provides short commentary on the latest amendments, a comprehensive case digest, consolidated Income Tax, Tax Administration and Estate Duty Acts and regulations, as well as interpretation notes for the current tax year. Available from April, to pre-order from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.

Practical guides:

South African Income Tax Guide 2020 has been written by Costa Divaris and Michael Stein with a streamlined approach which offers clarity around all aspects of Income Tax including capital gains, donations, employees, provisional and turnover tax. Suitable for every practitioner, from novice to expert. To order from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.

The Concise Guides are easy to understand guides to the complex areas of VAT, CGT and employee taxation and include extracts of relevant legislation. These titles are available separately. To order from the LexisNexis online bookstore, click here.