Taking stock of Just Energy Transition Partnerships

6th December 2023

Taking stock of Just Energy Transition Partnerships

With the aim of stimulating investment in renewables and facilitating transitions away from coal, Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JET-Ps) represent an important multilateral tool for the global energy transition. Yet, their implementation has been slower than hoped in the four countries in which they exist so far: South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Senegal.

Challenges exist in aligning top-down and bottom-up perspectives, connecting domestic concerns with international climate ambition, and building resilient relationships between governments, communities, and interest groups.

This policy brief explores these challenges in detail and highlights the need for transformational agendas with targeted programmatic financing. Equally, it emphasises the importance on mitigating the negative effects of the energy transition - especially on workers - and the need to create viable low-carbon alternative livelihoods for communities dependent on coal-based energy systems.

Even if there are no further JET-Ps signed by the current international partners group, new country platforms could be built in partnership with multilateral and national development banks.

Report by the Overseas Development Institute