State Information Technology Agency Amendment Act (No. 38 of 2002)

1st January 2002

To amend the State Information Technology Agency Act, 1998, so as to alter certain definitions, to define other expressions, to delete certain definitions and to substitute obsolete references; to provide for the establishment of subsidiaries by the State Information Technology Agency(Pty)Ltd;to redefine the objects and functions of the Agency; to increase the maximum number of members of the Board of the Agency; to provide for alternate members for non-executive membersof the Board; to align provisions regarding the transfer of staff and assets, the business and service level agreements and the regulatory powers with the adjusted functions of the Agency; to amend the method of determining tariffs for the cost ofservices of the Agency; to provide a new for the shareholding and share capital of the Agency; and to repeal provisions that became obsolete because of the PublicFinance Management Act, 1999; to provide for the alteration of the Agency's memorandum of association; and to provide for matters connected therewith.