Skills development amendment act (No. 31 of 2003)

1st January 2003

To amend  the  Skills  Development  Act,  1998, so as  to  define  certain  expressions  and amend  certain  definitions;  to  extend  the  functions of the  National  Skills  Authority; to  change  the  composition of the  National  Skills  Authority;  to  extend  the  Minister’s powers  in  respect of SETAs;  to  provide  anew  for  the  obligations of SETAs  in respect of financial  management;  to  require  SETAs  to  conclude  service level agreements  with  the  Director-General;  to  ensure  that  the  membership of SETAs are  representative of designated  groups;  to  empower  the  Minister  to  make regulations  regarding  learnership  agreements;  to  regulate  private  employment service  agencies; to allow  the  use of money  in  the  National  Skills  Fund  for  the administration of the  Fund;  to  provide  anew for budgeting  in  respect of training by national  and  provincial  public  entities;  to  empower  the  Minister  to  establish  and promote  a  national  standard  to  promote  good  practice  in  skills  development;  to extend  the  Minister’s  power  to  make  regulations;  and  to  amend  Schedule 2; to effect  consequential  amendments  to  the  Mine  Health  and  Safety  Act,  1996:  and  to provide  for  matters  connected  therewith.