Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Others (11681/12) [2013] ZAWCHC 49

26th March 2013

The applicants are the Scalabrini Centre Cape Town and its trustees (I shall refer to them collectively as ‘Scalabrini’). Scalabrini is a non-profit organisation which exists to assist migrant communities and displaced people. The first respondent is the Minister of Home Affairs (‘the Minister’). The second respondent is the Director-General (‘the DG’) in the Department of Home Affairs (the ‘DHA’). The third respondent is an official in the DHA with the title Chief Director, Asylum Seeker Management. The fourth respondent is the Standing Committee for Refugee Affairs (‘the SCRA’), the body established by s 9(1) of the Refugees Act 130 of 1998 (‘the Act’). The fifth respondent is the Minister of Public Works.