SA: David Masondo, Address by the Deputy Minister of Finance, at SCOPA on blacklisted companies (09/03/22)

9th March 2022

Chairperson of the SCOPA, Honourable Hlengwa and Honourable members,

The restricting (popularly known as blacklisting) of companies and individuals that are implicated in corruption, malfeasance, non-performance and malpractices while doing business with government; is an important step in fighting corruption and to entrench a culture of good governance throughout the state and its entities.

When and why do companies get blacklisted?

There are two main reasons why companies are blacklisted by our government. The first reason is when companies or suppliers of goods and services engage in corrupt and other malpractices such as non-performance and irregular activities. The second reason is when a court of law has ruled that a company should be blacklisted.


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