SA: Committee appalled by Reiger Park High Principal

30th January 2018

SA: Committee appalled by Reiger Park High Principal

Photo by: GovZA

The Chairperson of the Select Committee on Education and Recreation is appalled by reports of sexual videos and pictures of a principal and leaners of a Reiger Park High School in Gauteng doing the rounds on the internet.

The father figure role that is expected from a teacher has been diminished by the principal concerned and the Committee is of the view that a proper investigation should be undertaken to ascertain the extent of such occurrences at the school.

“The likes of the said principal must be kept as far away from children as possible. While the Committee acknowledges the Gauteng Department of Education’s intention to have him removed from the SACE register, it is of the view that a full investigation is warranted and learners must be encouraged to institute legal processes against this predator,” said Ms Lungelwa Zwane the Chairperson of the Committee.

The schooling environment must at all times be pristine and promote a culture of teaching and learning. It is thus unacceptable that a few predators have used their positions of power to take advantage of the youth of this country.

A culture of cooperation between learners, teachers and parents is required to expose such unacceptable behaviour by those in positions of responsibility. “We call on all learners to report any acts and suspicions of abuse so that perpetrators are brought to book.

The ultimate responsibility for parents, the department of education and oversight bodies such as the department is to ensure the existence of an environment conducive for teaching and learning,” Ms Zwane emphasised.


Issued by Parliamentary Communiucation Services on behalf of the Chairperson of the Select Committee on Education and Recreation, Ms Lungelwa Zwane