SA: Address by Rekgotsofetse Chikane, during the UDF 40th celebrations, Gauteng (20/08/23)

21st August 2023

From Protest to Challenge; Mobilisation to Organisation; From a First to a Second Republic On the 21st of October 2015, I was part of a moment that made me realise that change in our country is inevitable. But the question that struck me was whether this inevitable change should be led and fueled by those who have a belief in human dignity and democratic responsibility to your fellow citizen, or whether it would be led by those who wish to make the country their own personal bank account.

I stood amongst thousands of students, across race and class, gender and ethnicity who had gathered in front of the gates of parliament under the collective belief that something was broken in our Republic. We gathered in front of a building of a fully seated parliament, demanding a refund on the dream that was sold to our parents in 1994. A dream that many of you in this room sold to your family, your partners, your friends and your colleagues. A dream that you sold to the world.


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