Road Transport Appeal Matters Amendment Act (No. 70 of 1998)

1st January 1998

To amend the Cross-Border Road Transport Act, 1998, so as to make undone, retrospectively to 1 April 1998, the repeal of the Transport Deregulation Act, 1988, thereby, amongst others, reinstating the National Transport Commission with
effect from that date, and to provide for that Commission’s determination of appeals under the Cross-Border Road Transport Act, 1998, noted on or after 1 April 1998 but before a date to be determined by the Minister of Transport; to
amend the Transport Appeal Tribunal Act, 1998, in relation to the accountability of the Director-General of Transport, and to effect certain consequential amendments necessitated by the present state of the Republic’s national land transport
legislation; and to provide for incidental matters.