Road Traffic Amendment Act (No. 39 of 1993)

1st January 1993

To amend the Road Traffic Act, 1989, so as to de fine or further define certain expressions; to provide for certain administrative procedures concerning the suspension or cancellation of drivers’ licences when such licences are being severed from identity documents; to provide for the substitutio n of drivers’ licences issued before a certain date; to make further provision in connection with notification by the holder of a driver’s licence of his change of address; to provide that the holder of a driver’s licence issued before 1 January 193 by a department of State may, on the prescribed conditions, obtain a driver’s licence; to provide that on conviction of certain offences, the driver’s licence or the licence and permit of a person shall be suspended for a minimum period, and that he will for a definite period be disqualified from obtaining a learner’s or driver’s licence or a licence and permit; to make further provision for the procedure subsequent to endorsement, suspension or cancellation of a licence or permit; to make further provision in connection with the registration of operators; to provide that an Administrator shall not be compelled to suspend all operator cards of an operator who fails to comply with the provisions of the Act; to provide that rescue vehicles may in certain circumstances disregard road traffic signs, exceed the general speed limit and stop or park a vehicle at any place; to extend the duties of the drivers of motor cycles and motor tricycles to include the drivers of motor quadrucycles; to provide that a pedestrian may be prohibited from walking on the righthand side of the roadway if there is no sidewalk or footpath; to prohibit the use of motor quadrucycles on freeways, to make other provision  concerning the places where persons performing service in the Citizen Force may be picked up on a freeway and to delete the provision in terms of which a driver of a motor vehicle on a freeway may in an audible manner signal to a driver of a vehicle which he intends to overtake to move to a lane to his left; to prohibit the unauthorized removal of a vehicle involved in an accident from the scene of the accident; to make further provision in connection with the records to be kept by a garage in respect of a motor vehicle showing signs or marks of having been involved in an accident and which is brought to the garage for repairs; to provide that a person shall be guilty of an offence if he drives a vehicle on a public road or occupies the driver’s seat of the vehicle the engine of which is running, if the alcohol
in his breath exceeds a certain concentration; to further regulate parking by persons with physical disabilities; to make other provision in connection with the issue of a duplicate of a document or token; to provide for a penalty in respect of the offence committed by persons in whose breath the alcohol exceeds a certain concentration; and to provide for the financing of expenditure; and to provide for matters connected therewith.