Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Act: Determination of salaries and allowances of traditional leaders, members of national house and provincial houses of traditional leaders (Gazette No. 35645, Proclamation 61)

3rd October 2012 By: Asha Ramsaran

"In terms of section 5(1) of the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Act, 1998" "(Act  No. 20  of  1998)  (hereafter  referred  to  as  ""the  Act""),   I hereby,  after consultation with the Premiers concerned; and after taking into consideration the matters listed in section 5(1)(a) to 5(1)(h) of the Act, determine  that the salaries and allowances of  the Traditional Leaders, Members of National and Provisional Houses of Traditional Leaders shall be as set out in the attached Schedule, with effect from 01 April 2012, subject to the provisions of sections 5(2), 5(4) and  5(5)" "of the Act."