Reject thuggery happening in your name, Fransman tells Ramaphosa

26th June 2017 By: News24Wire

Reject thuggery happening in your name, Fransman tells Ramaphosa

ANC member Marius Fransman

Suspended Western Cape African National Congress (ANC) leader, Marius Fransman, on Sunday called for Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to distance himself from the alleged thuggery taking place in his name in the province.

Fransman has been suspended by the ANC for five years because of misconduct, however, he believes he is still the party’s chairperson in the province.

In a statement, he said, “I always maintained the attack on me was because of my strongest views against monopoly capital, and my statement in the September NEC 2015 that we have uncovered a plot of leaders trying to sabotage ANC, and working with the opposition..."

Fransman said, “After they used Luthuli House to try and get rid of me so they can dictate through fraud and corruption delegates to ANC national conference December 2017, they still couldn't penetrate regions and branches.

“Now they attempted the ultimate erosion of ANC, by wanting to dissolve all the regions and branches because of the regions rejecting this coup!”

He said “as the ANC Western Cape chairperson” he called on Ramaphosa “to reject this thuggery and fraudulent activities in his name.”

Fransman also called on President Jacob Zuma to intervene through an urgent meeting of all branches in the Western Cape.

“People will see that the province rejects regime-change agenda,” he said.

He said the party should stop the attempting to dissolve branches for alleged factional reasons.

“The ANC belongs to the people on the ground, and we should never allow mercenaries to sabotage the will of our people.” he said.