Reimagine the Future of Advocate Practice

9th November 2021

Reimagine the Future of Advocate Practice

The legal practice landscape has undergone a seismic shift, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Technology is now permeating a profession long considered slow to embrace change, with virtual or remote working now a permanent reality for a growing number of legal professionals.

Advocates, too, are facing a new dawn. The initial hard lockdown and remote working presented challenges for the traditional ways to network, set up meetings, attend industry events and stay up-to-date on legal developments, as is typical of a physical Chambers environment.

Legal tech company LexisNexis South Africa has partnered with Virtual Chambers to host an insightful panel discussion that will explore some of the challenges and opportunities now facing Advocates in this evolving technological landscape.

The discussion will interrogate:

The webinar will also include an overview of Virtual Chambers, an innovative concept that has turned decades of old-style advocacy practice on its head with a completely online alternative for the next generation of advocates.

The panel includes:

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