Powers, Priveleges and Immunities of Parliament and Provincial

1st January 2004

To define and declare certainpowers, privileges and immunities of Parliament,provincial legislatures, members of the National Assembly, delegates to theNational Council of Provinces and members of provincial legislatures; and toprovide for incidental matters.WHEREAS  the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, sets out certainpowers, privileges and immunities of Parliament and provincial legislatures and theirmembers;AND WHEREAS sections58(2), 71(2) and 117(2) of the Constitution provIde thatother privileges and immunities of the respective legislatures and their members may beprescribed by national legislation;AND WHEREAS  it is considered essential to provide for such further privileges andimmunities in order to protect the authority, independence and dignity of the legislaturesand their members and to enable them to carry out their constitutional functions;AND WHEREAS  it is expedient to regulate certain other incidental matters relating tothe functioning of Parliament and provincial legislatures: