PAC: Rest In Peace Suna Venter, condolences to your family and SABC

30th June 2017

PAC: Rest In Peace Suna Venter, condolences to your family and SABC

PAC is shocked and saddened to hear and read of the untimely departure of SABC senior reporter, Ms Suna Venter. We expected a lot from her while she has undoubtedly contributed immensely to the press freedom not only in our country but the entire globe.

We are transcending our deepest condolences to the lovely family of Venter, SABC and the entire humanity for this colossal loss. We are also hurt because she was still young and most importantly talented. Such talents are scarce and sometimes irreplaceable.

Venter and other 7 who were known as SABC 8 stood up for all South Africans when they defied kleptocracy and autocratic behaviour by corrupt individuals in the SABC at the time such as Motsoeneng, James Aguma, Faith Muthambi and others. We are indeed proud of you and your dear contribution, we wish that other journalists will emulate your positive work and do good for their country like you did.

We also would like to applaud the SABC interim board who are so far doing incredible work under impossible circumstances. Those great men and women are trying to correct the mess created by some self-serving hooligan.

We are saying that the interim board should honour and dedicate Ms Venter in their last few months to fix the mess at the SABC because she wanted the SABC which was going to be a public institution and not some private property of some hooligans.

Rest In Peace ''Daughter of the soil''


Issued by PAC