PAC: Judiciary branch have replaced our weak parliament

11th May 2017

PAC: Judiciary branch have replaced our weak parliament

Photo by: GovtZA

The judiciary branch should never be attacked or insulted for filling the void left by our parliament. The judiciary feels that the void left by parliament is by default left to them and they feel obliged to "save" the country.

While we are strongly condemning opportunists from attacking judiciary, it is also important to also note that judiciary has entered political strata. This is so because our parliament have been turned into State-Theatre which is the capital of entertainment instead of guardians of our people which is supposed to play a role of checks and balances. They are lawmakers which means that they are entitled to initiate, amend or annul laws.

The parliament of the Republic of SA has continuously failed to hold the executive to account hence the continuous intervention by judiciary. The intervention or interference by judiciary in matters of governance symbolises major problems in the country and we should take them highly serious.

We must all accept that our parliament have become a terrain for national comic where old people are publicly paid to make fun of each other by howling, mocking or teasing each other while they are not holding the executive to account. The courts have also lost hope in our supposed-parliament hence they play an active role left by parliament.

Parliament is where the powers and duties of incumbent-president are supposed to be reviewed but they are not doing that instead they are singing their national anthem of Zuma-Must-Fall.

We are very disappointed not only at the deteriorating decorum of our parliament but also by its incapacity to deal with immediate important matters of national or international relevance. They had recently met where the Economic-Cluster met but they made no mention of Vuwani, Ennerdale, Eldorado Park etc where people are crying loud for aid.

The executive leg of government have also lost a political direction hence under-performing departments. The parliament responds by howling instead of exploiting the parliamentary routes to discipline those who are incompetent and have not met their constitutional obligations.


Issued by PAC