NUM is concerned and worried that the fight against gender equality is till far from over

10th August 2021

The National Union of Mineworkers National Women Structure  is deeply concerned and worried that as the country celebrates National Women's Day today, the fight for gender equality at workplaces is far from over. Women continue to suffer various forms of discrimination and unequal treatment in mining, energy, construction and metal sectors where the NUM organises.

The 2021 Women Month is celebrated under the theme: “Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future”. 

"This celebration is not only for the Women of 1956 but the Women of today who promote and emulate the gains of the then women. As Women of NUM, we should embrace the strides and not forget the ordinary women that are still discriminated against in all spheres of our communities and country," said Mathapelo Khanye, NUM Women Structure National Secretary.

The NUM Women Structure will continue to empower women, to fight for their rights and their equal access to leadership positions, to address all forms of violence against women and to promote women as key agents for change.

The National Women's Day forms part of South Africa's Women's Month which provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the generations of women whose struggles laid the foundations for the progress made in empowering women and achieving gender equality to date.

National Women's Day in South Africa draws attention to many of the important issues that women in Africa still face - such as domestic violence, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, equal pay, education for girls and more, amongst these challenges women bear the first brunt.

The NUM Women Structure is also concerned that women are the most affected by unemployment created by Covid-19.  


Issued by The National Union of Mineworkers National Women Structure