No to parole for the unrepentant, cold blooded murderer of Chris Hani

3rd May 2017

The South African Communist Party (SACP) will be holding a picket in Free State Province at the Supreme Court of Appeals (SCA) in Bloemfontein. The purpose of the picket is to support the appeal, which well  be heard by the SCA, against parole for Janusz Walus, the unrepentant murderer of our former General Secretary Comrade Chris Hani.

Walus’s own physiological evaluation in prison clearly states that he still harbours the same hatred against communists that he followed to murder our Party General Secretary in cold blood. He remains a dangerous man to be let loose in a democratic South Africa. The picket is part of our efforts, our genuine campaign, to have full disclosure of the truth detailing all the circumstances of Hani’s assassination. Walus has the responsibility to co-operate. His failure to co-operate is undisputed evidence that he failed correction in prison with distinction.

We will also be using the picket in support of our Party’s legitimate and objective call for an official inquest in to Hani’s assassination. 

The SACP is accordingly inviting the media to cover the event. The SACP is further inviting interested members of the public who identify with the campaign to have full disclosure of the truth behind Hani’s assassination and to see justice serve its full course to join the action. Details are as follows.


Date: Friday, 5 May 2017

Venue: Supreme Court of Appeals (Court A), Bloemfontein

Staring time: 9:00am



Bheke Stofile – SACP Free State Provincial Secretary

Mobile: 071 600 4899


Phillip Kganyago – SACP Free State Provincial Spokesperson

Mobile: 083 650 1057 or 071 896 0157