No Number of Motions of No Confidence will Save Ekurhuleni

1st March 2024

No Number of Motions of No Confidence will Save Ekurhuleni

Photo by: creamer media

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the City of Ekurhuleni believes only a bold decision to call for the dissolution of the city’s council can save residents from the failing ANC/EFF coalition.

Tabling a motion of no confidence in the Executive Mayor is tantamount to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The fact is, if the new Executive includes the ANC or the EFF or both, the looting will continue, and service delivery will remain in freefall.

Following a Motion of no Confidence in the EFF puppet Mayor, Ald Sivuyile Ngodwana, the DA tabled an amendment to the Motion of no Confidence calling for the council to be dissolved as we believe the municipality is unable to fulfil its executive obligations in terms of the Constitution of this country.

The unabated collapse of service delivery under the watch of the ANC/EFF coalition, coupled with prolonged water outages, failing electrical infrastructure and the dysfunctionality of council has become the norm of the day.

As the DA, we have done everything in our power to constructively engage the Executive Mayor, the City Manager and other top officials to salvage what’s left of a once beautiful and thriving city.

We believe no number of Motions of no-confidence can salvage what is left of the failing municipality. What is needed is fresh elections with a renewed mandate from the voters across the city.

Residents are frustrated and infuriated at the current state of service delivery, and we need to invoke Section 34 of the Municipal Structures Act which allows the municipal council to dissolve itself at a meeting called for this purpose and by adopting a resolution to dissolve council as backed by two-thirds of the councillors.

The violent collapse of council by the EFF demonstrates their hunger to continue to hold onto power and have access to the city’s coffers at any cost! A motion of no confidence is a fair democratic process, but the thuggery demonstrated by the EFF showcases that they have no desire to participate in democracy and will resort to whatever means necessary to keep their EFF puppet mayor in power so that they can continue to loot at the expense of service delivery to residents.

Following the collapse of the council meeting, the DA is following every channel available to ensure that the council sits again and the motion is debated.

Unfortunately, political self-interests and personal egos took priority over residents needs. We believe the only way forward for the City of Ekurhuleni is to go to fresh elections.

The DA stands by our decision and calls for council to be dissolved!

Let the people speak!


Issued by Ald Tania Campbell - DA Ekurhuleni Caucus Leader