NKorea submits proposal to end nuclear programme

29th August 2003

One day after North Korea declared itself a nuclear power and threatened to conduct a nuclear test they submitted today a proposal for the solution to ending its nuclear weapon programme, the last day of the six-nation talks in Beijing.

According to KCNA, North Korea's official press agency, conditions include a non-aggression treaty with the US, diplomatic relations, business ties with Japan and South Korea and the completion of two light-water reactors.

In return, North Korea will manufacture no nuclear weapons, will permit inspections, will diminish its nuclear plants and will stop the export of rockets, reported the Chinese press agency Xinhua from Pyongyang.

Yesterday, North Korea announced during the three-day talks that it plans to declare itself a nuclear power and conduct a nuclear test.

The North Korean delegation said that because of hostile US policy it would proceed with its nuclear programme and demonstrate that it has the missile capability to deliver a weapon.

However, North Korea, in talks with the US, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia, has given contradictory reports concerning its intentions.

While it expressed itself in favour of a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons, according to Russian reports, at the same time it threatened to conduct a nuclear test, according to American reports.

The three-day talks are to end with a closing statement.

According to Russian reports the delegates want to meet again in two months in Beijing. – Sapa.