Nelson Mandela Bay Metro dams remain low, residents urged to reduce water consumption 

13th July 2022

A weekly report on dam levels issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation earlier this week has revealed that dams which are meant to supply water to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality remain low despite the recent showers experienced in the Metro. 

Kouga Dam, which supplies irrigation water to the Kouga and Gamtoos valleys and drinking water to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro remains at a low 16.2% from last week’s 16.0%. During a similar period last year, the dam stood at a devasting 4.1%. 

Loerie Dam which was built to supplement supply of the Kouga Dam has slightly increased at 47.7% from 42.6%. Impofu Dam located on Krom River has recorded a low of 10.3% from last week’s 10.4%. Groendal Dam on Swartkops River stands at 21.2% from 21.3%. 

The Department has reiterated its plea to residents to reduce their water consumption and adhere to water restrictions as implemented by the Metro. This is as collaborative efforts are put in place to repair water leaks and to fast-track the refurbishment of aging water infrastructure.  

Measures put in place to ensure that water leaks are attended to promptly include weekly blitz targeting areas where water leaks are reported regularly and the introduction of water demand management devices which provide early leaks detection. 

Thus far, 5 589 water leaks have been discovered through the blitz and 4 124 of them have been repaired. Through the water demand management devices, a total of 10 708 households in the city have been identified for water restrictions. 

Meanwhile, the Amathole and Butterworth Water Supply Systems supplying water to the eastern side of the province which are unaffected by severe water scarcity remain at above average percentages at 76.3% from 76.1% and 99.5% from 99.8% respectively. Members of the community which get water as supplied by the two systems are also encouraged to use water sparingly. 


Issued by the Department of Water & Sanitation