National Water Act: Classes of water resource and resource quality objectives for Mokolo, Matlabas, Crocodile (West) and Marico catchments: Comments invited

9th January 2018

I,  Sifiso  Mkhize,  in  my  capacity  as  Director-General  (Acting)  of  Water  and  Sanitation,  and  duly authorised in terms of section 13(4) and 63(1)(a) of the National Water Act, 1998 (Act No. 36 of 1998)  hereby  publish,  for  public  comment,  the  proposed  classes  of  water  resources  and  the  proposed  resource  quality  objectives  for  the  Mokolo,  Matlabas,  Crocodile  (West)  and  Marico  catchments, in the Schedule, to be determined under S13(1) of the Act.