National Land Transport Transition Amendment Bill (B 39B-2001)

24th May 2001

To amend the National Land Transport Transition Act, 2000, so as to substitute certain definitions; to make certain textual alterations; to make provision for vehicles imported or built by registered importers or builders to be used in terms of the Act; to make provision for subsidised service contracts to be concluded despite the absence of transport plans; to allow extensions of contracts to be concluded while preparations are being made for the tender process with a view to a subsidised service contract; to enable municipal and parastatal operators to use money made available under the Act for interim contracts, current tendered contracts and extensions of contracts; to allow the board to exercise certain powers under the Road Transportation Act, 1977, subject to replacing provincial laws; to provide for remuneration of members of public transport licencing boards and quorums for meetings thereof unless provincial legislation prescribes otherwise; to further regulate the registration of members of minibus taxi associations; to repeal two provisions relating to certain definitions in road traffic legislation; to validate certain subsidised service contracts and actions; and to provide for matters connected therewith.