National Director of Public Prosecutions v Zambodla and Another (1785/2012) [2013] ZAECGHC 68

25th June 2013

[1] On 8th June 2012 this Court granted a provisional order together with a Rule Nisi, calling upon the respondents to show cause on the return date, which was further extended, why the provisional order should not be made final. The provisional order was duly served on the defendants who opposed the application. In terms of the provisional order, the defendants are prohibited from dealing with realisable property as defined in sections 12 and 14 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, Act 121 of 1988 (“POCA”). A curator bonis was appointed to take possession, control and to administer the property which is the subject of the order. After all the papers were filed, this matter was argued before me for the decision whether or not the final order restraining the defendants from dealing in any manner whatsoever with the said property should be granted.