Murder accused to testify in Boeremag trial

28th January 2004

An accused in a murder trial will be one of the witnesses for the defence in the Boeremag treason trial, the Pretoria High Court heard yesterday.

Counsel for one of the alleged Boeremag leaders, Mike du Toit, during cross-examination, confronted police spy and state witness Johan Smit with the evidence of Chris Streicher, whom he said would testify for the defence.

Streicher has been charged with the murder of Nick van Rensburg. Van Rensburg, the owner of the First Defence Training Institute in Centurion, was gunned down in an assassination-style murder in May 2002.

Streicher, 42, of Potchefstroom, was thereafter arrested for the murder.

The National Director of Public Prosecutions will this week determine a trial date for Streicher's trial in the Pretoria High Court.

During his bail application Streicher accused Smit of committing the murder and putting the blame on him.

Mike du Toit's advocate, Harry Prinsloo, put it to Smit that Streicher would testify that he had witnesses who saw Smit selling firearms from the boot of his car at a shooting range in Swartkop where Smit provided firearm training.

"Streicher will testify that you planted a cooldrink can with the fingerprints of Adriaan van Wyk (one of the accused) at the scene of a housebreaking (at the murdered Van Rensburg's house)," he said.

Van Wyk denied that he had ever sold firearms, although he admitted that he had kept an illegal firearm in his possession on the orders of his police handler.

"There were rumours that Van Wyk's fingerprints were found at the break-in at Van Rensburg's house. Nothing like that was ever found at the scene and if Streicher says so he's lying," Smit said.

Smit admitted that there was "bad blood" between him and Van Wyk "because he (Van Wyk) kept on lying to me about certain aspects".

The hearing continues today. – Sapa.