Mohokare fails to pay May salaries, leaving staff and residents in crisis

31st May 2023

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Mohokare Local Municipality expresses deep concern over the financial mismanagement in the municipality, which has resulted in the failure to pay salaries for May 2023. This unfortunate situation adds Mohokare to the growing list of ANC-run municipalities struggling to meet their financial obligations. As a result, municipal workers have embarked on their third strike this month, driven by the frustration of non-payment.

The initial strike occurred when 3rd party payments were deducted from salaries but not transferred to the intended recipients. After assurances from management, the strike was temporarily called off. However, upon returning to work, employees discovered the assurances were false and resumed their strike. Only after demanding concrete evidence of the payments did the employees reluctantly return to their duties.

Shockingly, on payday, 26 May 2023, employees were informed that the municipality lacks the funds to pay their salaries. Despite applying for an overdraft from FNB, the outcome will only be known on 30th May. If the overdraft is not approved, salaries will not be paid until after 7th July when the municipality receives its equitable share. This dire situation has led to a complete work stoppage, with essential workers joining the strike, resulting in disrupted services such as water shortages, uncollected rubbish, and neglected sewage problems.

The ripple effects of this crisis are felt throughout the community. Residents face the repercussions of unpaid salaries, including the halt of 3rd party payments. Basic services suffer, from water scarcity, mounting litter, and unattended sewage issues. Furthermore, local businesses endure financial strain as shop owners go unpaid, jeopardizing their ability to provide credit for essential groceries. The DA prides itself on ensuring the well-being of both staff and residents, offering reliable service delivery in stark contrast to the current situation.

This unsettling occurrence of unpaid salaries has become alarmingly common in ANC-run councils, underscoring the urgent need for change. The DA will urge the municipality to investigate the mismanagement that has led to the current salary crisis.

The DA stands firm in its commitment to competent governance and vows to prioritise staff welfare and effective service delivery. As the 2024 elections approach, the DA encourages voters to support the party, avoiding the detrimental consequences of a total municipal shutdown.


Issued by Ian Riddle - DA Councillor Mohokare Local Municipality