Mashaba says 2024 elections will be a game changer

14th September 2023 By: Sane Dhlamini - Creamer Media Senior Contributing Editor and Researcher

Mashaba says 2024 elections will be a game changer

ActionSA President Herman Mashaba

In the closing remarks at his party’s three-day policy conference, ActionSA President Herman Mashaba declared to delegates that the 2024 elections will be a game changer for South Africa.

He said when he launched the party during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people dismissed him and said that he lacked depth of leadership, but "in 2021 we proved them wrong". 

"We emerged as the sixth biggest party and in every municipality we contested we dramatically reduced the support of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). We embraced practical solutions that will help us achieve our South African dream of a more prosperous future," said Mashaba. 

He told delegates that the party's focus was not on the problems facing the country, but rather on the opportunities ahead. 

Mashaba believes that the South African dream – a vision for a better, more abundant, prosperous South Africa – is possible.

He thanked the 614 delegates who attended the policy conference, noting that “not a single chair was thrown” as he says has become the norm in other political parties. 

"Today, the outcome of this policy conference represents a comprehensive agenda to fix South Africa. These policies will undo the harmful legacy of the ruling party. Our policy conference delegates approved that when ActionSA takes the government in 2024, on day one we will reduce the size of the Cabinet to approximately 20 people," he revealed. 

Under an ActionSA government, Mashaba promised no space for “freeloaders who enjoy Cabinet perks” and said there will be no Deputy Ministers, the money for whom will instead go towards service delivery.

The businessman-turned-politician promised South Africans that every senior government manager in every level of government would undergo a skills audit to ensure that they were fit for the job. 

"Those people in positions to steal from the State will be removed. Senior officer bearers, senior officials and those engaged in the supply chain will face regular lifestyle audits which will happen soon after we take office - unlike what we have seen with the current administration," he promised. 

He said the launch of a massive opportunity fund will fundamentally reduce inequality in South Africa and help the youth to launch the next Black Like Me.

Mashaba said "when implemented, Inclusive Economic Empowerment will help fund tertiary education and ignite massive public construction to improve the lives of the most marginalised".

He stressed that ActionSA would introduce a competitive and decentralised energy market, allowing the private sector to fill the current gap in electricity generation. 

"We will eradicate corruption at Eskom, allowing us to bring rolling blackouts in South Africa to an end. When we take government, our policy conference approved that we will restore the rule of law in South Africa so we can grow the economy and create jobs. Life sentence will mean life sentence," he said.