Marine Living Resources Act (18/1998): Invitation to comment on the Draft Policy for the Allocation and Management of Medium-term Subsistence Fishing Rights (Gazette No. 31707-Notice 1358) (Deadline: February 27, 2009)

16th January 2009

The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism hereby publishes for comment the DRAFT POLlCY FOR THE ALLOCATION AND MANAGEMENT OF MEDIUMĀ­ TERM SUBSISTENCE FISHING RIGHTS.

Interested and affected parties are invited to submit written comments on the DRAFT POLICY FOR THE ALLOCATION AND MANAGEMENT OF MEDIUM-TERM SUBSISTENCE FISHING RIGHTS in the manner provided for in this Notice.

Interested parties may submit written comments to the Department by 16hOO on Friday 27 February 2009 by mail, by hand, e-mail or telefax transmission. Please note that comments received after the closing date may be disregarded.