MaP incompetence leaves Phahameng 15 years without water

15th September 2023

MaP incompetence leaves Phahameng 15 years without water

Photo by: Bloomberg

For 15 years, the community of Ward 28 Mabolela, Phahameng, in the Maluti-a-Phofung Local Municipality (MaP) has endured unimaginable suffering due to the absence of clean water. Please see pictures here, here, here and here.

Despite the presence of taps and reservoirs, the community has never received a drop of water through their faucets. To make matters worse, the deplorable state of the roads prevents water tankers from filling Jojo tanks, leaving the community with no choice but to share groundwater with animals.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has tirelessly reported this dire situation to both the municipality and MaP Water, yet nothing has been done. Our pleas have been merely noted, and no action has been taken to alleviate the suffering of this community.

In 2019, Minister Sizulu allocated a substantial sum of R220 million to MaP to enhance water supplies through Sedibeng water. Shockingly, this funding seemingly vanished into thin air, and the water issue remained unresolved.

Subsequently, a staggering R2 billion was allocated to Bloem Water to upgrade water services in Maluti-a-Phofung. Despite this significant investment, the community continued to fend for themselves, deprived of their fundamental right to clean water.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is taking immediate action in pursuing answers from the boards of MaP Water and Bloem Water regarding this appalling situation. The DA pledges to leave no stone unturned until justice is served to the Phahameng Community.


Issued by Ana Motaung - DA Councillor Maluti-a-Phofung Local Municipality