Local Government: Municipal Electoral Amendment Bill [B27 – 2010]

23rd August 2010

To amend the Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act, 2000, so as to supplement provisions relating to the election timetable and insert a related Schedule to the Act; to amend provisions relating to nomination of candidates; to provide for central payments of deposits by a party which contests election in more than one municipality; to empower presiding officers to alter boundaries of voting stations, if necessary; to revise provisions relating to a number of party agents at a voting station; to clarify the rights and responsibilities relating to assistance to certain voters; to provide for special votes and the procedure related thereto; to enhance the powers and functions of the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Court in relation to the determination and declaration of the result of an election; to provide for further for further regulation of objections material to the result of an election; and to provide for matters connected therewith.