Letter of solidarity from NUMSA

29th November 2021

On behalf of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party, we send you fraternal greetings as you sit in your elective congress.

The principles of democracy and renewing mandates is important to our collective task of building the power of the impoverished and the working class.

ABM has endured a difficult year in 2021 when the same forces who have opposed the struggle for land, housing and dignity since the formation of the movement in 2005 left no stone unturned in trying to undermine the revolutionary leadership and members of ABM. The struggle to defend the eKhenana Commune as a revolutionary, socialist praxis has been victorious and we celebrate the gains made by the movement in defending our people from those who seek to prioritise private property over the lives of our people. We continue to stand with ABM as we build a society where people are taken seriously, above profits or private property.

We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with ABM in our collective struggle for socialism.

Viva to the struggle for Land!
Viva to the struggle for Decent Houses!
Viva to the struggle for Dignity!
Viva Socialism!

The resolute support and solidarity that NUMSA and SRWP have for ABM in the face of the consistently failing capitalist system which has no solutions for the problems that confront humanity is about our momentary task, that of pursuing class struggle to realise the key fundamentals, which is to transform and alter the South African economy and ensure that it is owned and controlled by all those who are economically marginalised, dispossessed and landless.

Our message to ABM today is that there is no better call than a call for building the organisations of the working class. NUMSA and the SRWP will continue to stand in the trenches with ABM and we are prepared to perish with you in the struggle for socialism. We love you.

Class struggle is the only guarantee for change.

Aluta continua.
Yours faithfully,
Irvin Jim
NUMSA General Secretary


Issued by Abahlali baseMjondolo