Land Affairs General Amendment Act (No. 51 of 2001)

1st January 2001

To amend  the  Land  Reform  (Labour  Tenants)  Act, 1996, by extending  the definition of “applicant” to provide  for’  associates  to  apply  for  the  acquisition of rights  in  land  and  servitudes;  to  reduce  the  age  at  which  a  labour  tenant  who refused  or  failed  to  provide  labour  to an owner or lessee, may  not  be  evicted;  to make  provision  that  a  court  satisfies  itself  that  adequate  arrangements  have  been made  for  the  reinstatement of a  person  who  was  evicted, if a  final order is not granted;  to  provide  for offences; to make  provision  that  associates  also  may  apply for advances  and  subsidies,  granted  in  terms of that Act, for  the acquisition of land or rights  to  land;  to  amend  the  Extension of Security of Tenure  Act, 1997, by the deletion of the  reference to “labour  tenant”  in  the  definition of “occupier”;  to insert  a  definition  for  “established  practice”  and  to  grant  rights to occupiers  to bury  deceased  family  members  residing  on  the  land  on which the occupier  is residing,  on that  land;  to  grant  a  right ta, the family  members of an occupier at  the occupier’s  death,  to  bury  that  occupier  on  the  land  he  or  she was  residing at;  and to  provide  for  matters  connected  therewith.