Labour Relations Amendment Act (No. 42 of 1996)

1st January 1996

To amend the , so as to limit the deduction of agency fees fromthe wages of employees who are not members of the representative tradeunion,to those of them who, nevertheless, qualify for membership thereof;to regulate the extension of any collective agreement that has been concludedin a bargaining council and that does not apply to all employees underthe jurisdiction of that council; to empower the dispute resolution committeeas regards the resolution of disputes between different bargaining councilsin the public service; to provide for a council to enter into an agreementwith the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, or anyaccredited agency, to resolve disputes on the council's behalf; to providefor the referral to that Commission of demarcation disputes arising duringarbitration proceedings; to allow of disputes between employees engagedinmaintenance services and their employer, to be referred to arbitrationin certain circumstances; to adjust the provisions relating to the constitutionofaworkplaceforum and certain other provisions relating to a workplaceforum; to provide for the abovementioned Commission to contract with anaccredited agency to perform certain functions on the Commission's behalf;to empower the Commission to perform the dispute resolution functions ofany council that has failed to do so; to allow, in certain limited circumstances,of a person to continue functioning as a judge of the Labour Court or theLabour Appeal Court after the expire of his or her appointment as a judgeof such a Court; to make certain adjustments to the provisions relatingto the Rules Board for Labour Courts and the appointment of acting judgesof the Labour Court; to provide for the appointment of acting judges ofthe Labour Appeal Court; to prescribe the maximum fine payable by a personconvicted of the offence contemplated in section 201; to provide that exclusions(from the operation of certain agreements, notices, awards and orders)in force under section 51(12) of the Labour Relations Act, 1956,willcontinuein force until withdrawn by the Minister of Labour, and that orders (concerningwages or other conditions of employment) in force under section 51A ofthe latter Act, will continue in force for a certain period; in item 13of Schedule 7 to defer the date upon which the provisions of sections 25and 26 relating to agency shop agreements and closed shop agreements, respectively,will become effective; to effect certain technical amendments to the text;and to provide for incidental matters.