Kitchen Queen – Lucia Mthiyane

26th June 2020

Kitchen Queen – Lucia Mthiyane

Lucia Mthiyane

In Kitchen Queen, Lucia Mthiyane – influencer par excellence – takes her followers on a very unique culinary journey by elevating the everyday to the extraordinary. She shares her wisdom, stories and recipes with so much passion, it’s almost tangible. This unique publication in itself will be a trendsetter for other influencers!

Influencers have taken social media by storm, and with Lucia Mthiyane’s debut book Kitchen Queen, the book industry taps into the advantages of this new trend.

This is not just another recipe book – it is a visual feast in which Lucia takes you on a culinary journey, shares her wisdom and stories, and elevates the everyday to the extraordinary.

The chapter “Food for soul and skin” sets this book in a league of its own and enters a whole new genre.



Lucia Mthiyane, actress, TV and radio personality, singer and kitchen queen, has been in the food industry for more than 10 years. She prepares feasts with flair; her cooking classes are very popular, and she often judges cooking competitions. She has partnered with big food brands and currently she is a proud ambassador of White Star, Robertsons and Nola Mayonnaise, as well as SANBS due to her “Cooking for your blood type” classes. Countrywide she has done themed events with cooking demonstrations and music, food and wine pairing. She has her own range of condiments. Lucia has a strong following of more than 60 000 followers on several social media platforms.

Kitchen Queen is published by NB Publishers