Jansenville Post Office must be investigated for failure to provide services

7th December 2021

The residents of Jansenville and Klipplaat, already buckling under scourges of unemployment and poverty, have been dealt another blow, this time by the Post Office in Jansenville.

Despite assurances a year ago by the erstwhile Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams (see here), that there should be no delays in the processing of Social Relief of Distress Grants (R350), Jansenville Post Office remains unable to process and pay out the grants of beneficiaries.

People from Klipplaat, after having received an SMS confirmation, used transport to get to the Jansenville Post Office, only to be turned away empty-handed.  Unable to pay for the return trip, they are either stranded in Jansenville or forced to walk the 32km home.  Jansenville residents return day after day, only to return home hungry and disillusioned.

Today, 7 December 2021, a petition from Cllr Mandy Deyzel, signed by over 500 residents and submitted by me to the Speaker’s Office, has been tabled in Parliament to be brought before the Committee on Communications.

The petition, drafted by the Democratic Alliance (DA) requests that an investigation be launched into the management of the Jansenville Post Office with special focus on the failure to pay grants on time. (see picture here)

The DA cannot stand by while the poorest and most marginalized people in our communities are abused by a failing system run by bureaucrats who do not care.

These are the people we need to protect and care for and we will pursue this matter until all the residents of Jansenville and Klipplaat are provided with decent services by the government.


Issued by Dr Beyers Naude Constituency Leader, Samantha Graham-Maré, MP