ISS ranks as one of the best think tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa

25th January 2013 By: ISS, Institute for Security Studies

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is proud to announce that it has improved its global ranking and remains one of the top think tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Earlier this week the International Relations Program at the University of Pennsylvania released its '2012 GlobalGo To Think Tanks Report and Policy Advice'. This annual study evaluates the impact of more than 6 000 think tanks around the world.

For 2012 the ISS has achieved an improved ranking over previous years in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The Institute is also ranked globally as one of the top Africa-based think tanks with outstanding policy-orientated research programmes. The ISS rankings are as follows:

ISS Executive Director Jakkie Cilliers expressed his appreciation for the recognition that the work of the Institute hasachieved, noting that 'In addition to policy-oriented research and analysis, theISS also provides teaching and training programmes as part of our capacity building work.' Following a comprehensive restructuring of the ISS in 2012, Deputy Executive Director Anton du Plessis added that '2013 is likely to be an exciting year for the Institute as it implements its new structure and strategy'.

The ISS would like to thank its staff, partners, peer organisations, experts, academics and the media involved in the annual study for their continued support.