IFPYB: Statement by Pat Lebenya-Ntanzi, Inkatha Freedom Party Youth Brigade spokesperson, on Julius Malema (02/10/2009)

2nd October 2009

Malema recently asked journalists not to confuse him with the facts.
He prefers his own version of reality; which is largely built on racism. To Malema, gender activists are racist, Europeans are racist, opposition leaders are racist, international athletics officials are racist, university councils are racist, and so are whites in general.
"So it should come as no surprise that Malema thinks Nedbank's sponsorship decisions are racist," said Pat Lebenya-Ntanzi, acting Chairperson of the IFP Youth Brigade.
She added: "The problem is that what Malema thinks often becomes what young South Africans think."
"Malema is stirring up a poisoned pot. Every time he plays the race card, he opens the gap between our people a little wider. He may be unity's worst enemy," said Pat Lebenya-Ntanzi
Malema recently shirked responsibility by telling UCT students: "Never blame us if we make mistakes, we are just learning".
"But the IFP worries whether Malema will ever learn and at whose expense his education will finally come," concluded Lebenya-Ntanzi.
Finally, the IFPYB called on Nedbank to reconsider its decision to terminate their sponsorship of Athletics South Africa (ASA).
Withdrawing their funding will hurt SA's young athletes, who should not be made to pay for ASA's mistakes.