IFP: Statement by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Inkatha Freedom Party President, on the appointment of Mo Shaik (02/10/2009)

2nd October 2009

The Inkatha Freedom Party opposes the appointment of Mr Mo Shaik as the National Intelligence Agency's (NIA) new director general.
The IFP would have preferred to have seen a recognised intelligence expert appointed to this important position; instead of an important political ally and close personal friend of President Jacob Zuma.
Furthermore, the IFP believes that Mr Mo Shaik is not suitably qualified for this specialised position nor do we believe that his appointment to this senior post was made on merit.
The blurring of state and party lines continues unabated, even under the new Zuma administration, and the appointment of a loyal ANC cadre to take charge of the NIA must be seen as a move that will only further politicise the NIA.
The fear is that the NIA, which was previously found to have been gathering political intelligence while using unconstitutional methods, will be used to serve the ruling party's interests rather than serve the purpose of providing national security and creating a secure environment for all South Africans.
The IFP believes that all hope for real change under the new Zuma administration has faded with the appointment of Mr Mo Shaik today.
Again the ANC refuses to put experience, excellence and merit ahead of loyalty and political affiliation when appointing people to senior government posts. The continuous deployment of loyal ANC cadres to these positions is indeed a threat to our young democracy.